Things to do in Birmingham vol.1

Welcome to the school of shoes

Last week I was invited to try my hand at combining two of my favourite things – shoes and craft – at the unofficial launch of the Bunny Pumpkin School of Shoes.

Bunny Pumpkin, aka Jen Burton, has been customising footwear for years. Every pair of shoes that she makes is individually designed and created by hand. Jen has an intriguing eye and her collection boasts some fantastically weird and wonderful designs right alongside a great selection of classically beautiful heels and flats. All of her designs are unique with many being made to order.

After years of being asked about her technique Jen has resolved to teach the masses the tricks of her trade. And so, the Bunny Pumpkin School of Shoes is born!


The Event... 


The event was held at Rose Villa Tavern, Jewellery Quarter, which is also to be the venue for future sessions. We were greeted with a selection of refreshments, including home made shoe shaped cookies and delicious cocktails!

Jen took time to tell us about the motivation and ideals behind Bunny Pumkpin Boutique before launching into the class. Her designs really do come from a passionate place and this is what sets them apart from off the shelf alternatives.



During the three hour session, we were shown how to pimp, glitter and bedazzle our shoes. Jen is a great teacher, keeping the pace just right and is always eager to offer a helping hand. Her self-deprecating humour was a breath of fresh air and helped to keep the session light hearted.

I was amazed at how quickly the time flew by and we were finished before we knew it. My shoes weren’t complete but I felt that I had achieved so much in the three hours I had been working with Jen. Luckily, this was just a taster session and the standard 6 hour session allows for much more creativity!

Prepare to get crafty

More Info... 

The Bunny Pumpkin School officially launches on Sunday 31st July ( limited space still available) followed by a second confirmed date on Sunday 21st August. Classes cost £75 and include 6 hours of tuition, shoes, materials, lunch and refreshments. Alternatively, a discounted rate of £60 is available to those who prefer to supply their own shoes.

Contact for more info or to book.

In addition to shoes, Bunny Pumpkin Boutique can offer a range of personalised and custom items, including bags, purses and clothing. Details of their products can be found on their website.