I am often asked by potential clients ‘why hire an event manager when we can do it ourselves?’. My answer is always the same. When thinking of planning an event it is easy to jump strait to the money that can be saved by doing it in house. This is often a big mistake as most small teams don’t have the time or experience to plan a full scale event. This often leads to issues and losses in other areas. The solution? Hire an event manager. Here are the top five ways that I think hiring an event manager can help you and your business.

Relieve stress

This is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think about reasons to hire an event manager. You have been trying to do everything: keep on top of your day job, think of ideas for your event, manage suppliers, keep track of your budget, liaise with the venue… it is all just so exhausting. Well, that is what an event manager is there for, they allow  you to get on with the day to day activities of your business while they take control of everything else.

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Increase confidence

Most managers and business owners don’t have much experience of managing events, especially in conjunction with running their day to day business. Working alongside an event manager and seeing how they manage the project timeline can be very useful for increasing your confidence. You never know, next time you might feel confident enough to brave it on your own.

A good idea

Offer inspiration

Sometimes it is just so difficult to think of a concept that hasn’t already been done to death. You don’t want a boring old conference just like everyone else’s but you just can’t think of a way to make it different. Hire an event manager and they can definitely help! Remember, they are experts in their field and have seen lots (and lots and lots) of events. They can offer ideas that you never would have thought of.

Improve productivity

Everyone knows that stress and anxiety reduce productivity. A happy worker is an effective worker. Take away that stress factor and, bam! Productivity just shot through the roof.


Impress your clients

Your event is a projection of your business. It can reinforce a quality brand or it can negatively impact an image that you have been working hard to achieve. There are a number of reasons why your event might not be up to scratch (the main ones are listed above) but these can all be avoided. You can hire an event manager on a full project basis, or you might want to bring someone in as a consultant to fine tune the arrangements. If you want to keep control of the planning they can simply step in on the day so that you can focus on your clients.

Hire an Event Manager Today

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