I have attended a couple of exhibitions recently to promote the Beyond Radical Events brand. As I stand there, watching other exhibitors twiddling their thumbs, it makes me think of the hundreds of business representatives that I see at exhibitions each year doing just this.

A few months ago I was at a large wedding exhibition. At one of the stands I saw two beautiful young girls representing their company. One was scrolling through her phone and the other was checking her split ends. My friend and I watched them for a full five minutes as dozens of potential customers strolled past and they didn’t look up once.


Ladies looking bored at echibitions

When holding trade shows and fairs for Beyond Radical Events it is unfortunate that I do see this all the time. Within thirty minutes of an event I can usually tell you who will do well and who won’t. If you are the person not actively looking for custom (i.e. playing with your phone, looking bored, etc) you will not do well. If you are the friendly exhibitor, always smiling and happy to chat, then even if you don’t sell anything on the day you are likely to be remembered and make future sales.

So, what is the right way to act at these events. Lets start with these tips…….

Be prepared

In everything from arriving early, to making sure that you have everything that you will need, preparation is the key. There is nothing worse than having to fumble your way through a demonstration because you don’t have the right kit, or not being able to answer questions because you don’t have the information to hand.

Make Eye Contact

Yes, people actually like to be looked at when you speak to them! This shows that you are interested in them and want to make a connection. If you are providing a demonstration make sure that you look up often and try to engage them.


The old saying is true….A smile really doesn’t cost you anything. Just make sure it is genuine

Offer something different to draw people to your space at exhibtions
Be open and approachable at exhibitions

Let them come to you

I’m sure that everyone has been to those exhibitions where you spend all day ducking and diving, as exhibitors try to pounce on you as you walk by. It’s a little like walking past seafront restaurants in Magaluf. Not nice, don’t do it!  If you have an interesting looking space and you appear approachable, they should come to you.

Collate Data

This is not really a tip for how to attract customers on the day, but I do feel that it is a very important tip. Even if someone doesn’t buy from you on the day, they might be interested in your product in the future. Why not offer a little competition, or just ask them to sign up to your mailing list. This way, you can stay in touch and build a relationship. This links closely to the next step….

Follow our tips on etiquette to make more sales through exhibitions.

Follow Up

If you have taken contact information from visitors to your stand make sure that you use it in a timely and productive manner. I would usually recommend getting in touch within 24-48 hours. During this contact be sure to thank them for their time and provide any additional information that you might have promised. If there is anything outstanding, let them know when they might expect it.

So, the next time you find yourself feeling bored at an exhibition / trade show / market, take note of your body language and assess what you might be doing wrong. Follow the above tips and I’m sure it will make all the difference.

At beyond Radical Events we run regular trade shows and exhibitions. We also offer a consultancy service where we can support exhibitors in areas such as exhibition etiquette, optimising your exhibitor space and finding the right exhibition for your business.

For more information, please contact us using the below form or call Loretta on 07976665557.

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