Managing an event can be a minefield. So much can go wrong, and it often does, causing unnecessary stress and worry. However, there are ways in which you can minimise last minute hiccups. Here are a few top tips from Beyond Radical Events….

Supplier drop out

You have spent months trying to find the perfect supplier only to come to the day of your event and find that they are unable to attend. This can be due to a number of reasons, some genuine and some not, but all risks can be minimised by following these simple steps:


  1. Always try to use suppliers that you trust or have been recommended to you
  2. Stay in close contact with your suppliers in the run up to the event
  3. Ensure that all invoices are paid on time
  4. Speak to your supplier in the days leading up to the event to confirm final arrangements
  5. ALWAYS have a back up


Your event budget is there for a reason. Whether you are organising a non-profit or profit generating event, the idea is still the same. ALWAYS STICK TO YOUR BUDGET. It is so easy to add a little more to marketing, or perhaps you really really liked the slightly more expensive flower arrangements, but if left unchecked costs can quickly escalate. Whatever the reason, budget overspends can be a nightmare. With events, like all projects, you can usually expect something unexpected to crop up. For this reason, always include a contingency buffer in your budget to cover those unexpected expenses. If you do go over budget, try to keep this as minimal as possible, or you might find that suddenly your non-profit event is a huge loss maker, or your predicted profit has been wiped out.

Audio Visual malfunction

There is little that screams unprofessional more than equipment failure at an event. Imagine the CEO of a blue chip organisation, getting ready to present at the annual shareholder summit only to find that the presentation and microphone are not working. And not only that, no one seems able to fix it. Avoid this unnecessary embarrassment by ensuring that all equipment is checked, double checked and then checked again for good measure. If it is something that you are not familiar with, bring in someone who is.

Venue Double Bookings

Nowadays, this is admittedly a rare occurrence, but the danger is still there. As with suppliers, the key here is using venues that are reputable and trustworthy. As the lead project manager you should be in regular contact with your venue so it would be pretty difficult for them to forget you. However, just in case, you should always have a couple of back ups that you know are available.

There are always things that are not going to go to plan with events. The trick is to always think ahead of the game and ask plenty of ‘what would I do if…?’ questions.

What if no one turns up?

How do you protect yourself from the dreaded ‘no one turned up to my party’ nightmare? Simple, make your event so spectacular that no one would want to miss it! How do you do that? It doesn’t have to cost the earth, just offer something that your attendees want. In order to do this you need to really understand them. Another key here is communication. Whether this is marketing for ticket sales, internal staff communications or progress updates, keep your attendees in the loop and give them something to be excited about.

Hire an Event Manager

At Beyond Radical Events we can help you with all of this and more. Do you want to run your own event but need a little extra support? Why not spend some time with our event manager looking at ways to take your project forward.

We offer many different services and can cover a range of project types. Take a look at Our Services for more information. Alternatively, contact us using the form below to discuss your requirements.

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