Things to do in Birmingham Vol.4

Next in my series of Things to do in Birmingham, I wanted to talk about bottomless brunches.

Bottomless brunch is in no way a new thing, but in Birmingham they seem to be popping up everywhere just recently. And I must admit, it is hard to resist the lure of unlimited prosecco. So, my friends and I headed to Cuban Embassy in Moseley last week to give it a go.

Two whole hours of non-stop drinking! What could possibly go wrong??

Prosecco glasses

Prior to the event I had imagined that the staff might be quite slow to offer drinks, or that you might have to wait to be served at the bar each time your glass was empty. Alas, no. It seemed that every few minutes a waitress appeared at our table to offer top up. Included in the deal was unlimited prosecco, pink prosecco and Cuba Libre’s. Obviously we tried them all.

Within the hour we were pretty steaming. If nothing else, speech was definitely a few octaves higher, and noticeably more slurred. Everything was hilarious. And we still had an hour to go!

What is about we Brits? When presented with an all you can eat style buffet of any kind, we simply have to overdo it, cramming in as much in as short a time as possible. Much to our own detriment.

But surely it wasn’t all about drink? From the title you might be led to believe that there might be a little ‘brunch’ included in this activity. Imagine how disappointed I was to find that there was no ‘brunch’ to be found anywhere. Don’t get me wrong, it was fun but the focus did seem to be on the drink. I had expected some tasty Cuban breakfast/brunch treats, instead we were offered the daytime menu from which we could choose one tapas each and one main. Perhaps the organisers assumed that their patrons would be so sozzled that they might miss this minor blip?

As a group we shared the cornbread and aioli, patatas bravas and slow-cooked chickpea stew. As a main I treated myself to the Ternera en Salsa de Tomate (Slow Cooked Beef Shin in a Rich Tomato Sauce). The beef was very tender and the flavours were incredible. Generally, the food was nice but I did have to send some items back because it was still cold.

I was happy to find that we weren’t fobbed off with cheap prosecco, something that I imagine many bars are tempted to do. Instead, they offered a clean, crisp white and a slightly fruity, but still crisp, rose.

As you can imagine, my friends and I were quite drunk after two hours of non stop drinking. In fact, much of what happened after the 90 minute mark is a bit of a blur, so I won’t dwell on that.

So what was my overall opinion? It was a great experience, and I would definitely do it again.

However, I do have a slight concern about how much it encourages people to binge drink (Booze Britain anyone?). But generally as long as people are responsible, and keep the binge to special occasions (i.e. not every week!) I see no harm.

The Drinks

Romeo Prosecco Spumante £5.50 / £19

Juliet Rose Spumante £5.50 / £19

Cuba Libre £6.95

The Food

The menu does change daily but you can visit the Cuban Embassy website to view a sample menu.

Bottomless Brunch at Cuba Embassy costs £25 and is available between 12.30pm and 4.30pm every Sunday. Booking is recommended.