Things to do in Birmingham vol.2

This week’s blog is all about food. I just love visiting the city’s eating hubs and sampling new menus.

Last week I was invited to Rose Villa Tavern to sample their brand spanking new menu. Who was I to refuse?

A hugely satisfying range of dishes (not great for the waistline, but does amazing things to the taste buds) and a great talent for cocktail making mean that Rose Villa has always been one of my go-to destinations when visiting the Jewellery Quarter.

Who doesn’t love buffalo wings??!

As you can probably tell from the heading, we were served wings. But not just any wings. In total I sampled four different varieties, including Buffalo, Vietnamese, Sticky Chipotle BBQ and crunchy fried. All were delicious.

The Sticky Chipotle BBQ were a great mix of sweet and spicy which immediately put them on my list of top wings in the city.

All wings are priced at 6 for £4.75 / 12 for £9.00 / 18 for £13.00

On the night I also had the pleasure of sampling a selection of burgers, salads and pasta. The Meatball Mayhem burger (£9.50) is not to be approached if you have an issue with messy eating. It is worth it though. Original recipe meatballs on top of a juicy beef patty covered in marinara sauce & Swiss cheese. Simply delicious.

It’s not all about meat

I am a HUGE meat fan but even I had to admit that the vegetarian and vegan options were to die for. The Meat Free Mexican (£8.50) especially got my taste buds in a twist. The beans offered a wonderful texture and the Mexican inspired spices gave it a real kick. To top it off, this particular burger is served in a tortilla wrap rather than a burger bun and it works perfectly.

All in all I give the new menu a big thumbs up and I can’t wait for you all to try it.

About Rose Villa

The new menu can be viewed at and is available now.

Rose Villa Tavern is one of the  earlier venues brought to us by the Bitters n’ Twisted chain. Located on the crossroads at the centre of the Jewellery Quarter, it is frequented by an eclectic mix of people. For more information visit their website or call 0121 236 791.